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Meep 24/7

Meep A Brick!
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Meep A Brick are the most amazing band ever....they just haven't released or played any songs like ever! This is their journal full of adventures

Meep is jimothie the lady who knows more about knights, Romans and Stargates than any other. Don't mess with her, her pavement rage is deadly

A is nothingtosay she who wears a corset like no other and would slay you with her plastic sword

Brick is be_found be warned she can and will happily shout loudly at you given the chance, angry letters and swearwords are her powers. A deadly knowledge of all things Strokes will one day do her some good

Their manager and good friend is sale_gamine, she can speak amazing English, isn't afraid to go to the cinema alone and will one day win the award for best Aunt ever.

Introducing cazamataz who is about to meet meep (we hope we don't scare her)

Previous MAB Adventures Include

The Strokes (December 2003) [Our First Meeting]
York (March 2004) [Our First Holiday]
Cambridgeshire (August 2004) [Blissful fun]
Rome (April 2005) [Ciao]
Scotland! (August 2005) [Robland!]
MCR (November 2005) [Gothness]
The Strokes Gigs (Febuary 2006)
France (May 2006) [First MAB fun with the manager)
Dublin (August 2006)[Fun In Ireland]

Future MAB Adventures

Glasgow (November 2006) [With Julie and Carrie!]